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Finding Your True Living Master-Teacher


By Samuel Ben-Or Avital
Creator and Teacher of BodySpeak™ - Moving Body and Mind


This writing was collected from my years of observation of the many students who have come to me from various cultures, races, and professions.  I know from experience, the innocence and gullibility of human nature. In an age and culture that twists all logic, reasoning, and gives false and distorting views of reality, a sincere person seeking knowledge may become confused.

Over the centuries and even in our own time, educational systems, forms of government, philosophical and religious traditions have been deceiving us away from, rather than towards the knowledge and guidance we seek.  Hence, when we begin to seek authentic spiritual guidance, we come to an impasse, because of insufficient orientation, preparation or guidance.

There are many "teachers" who pretend to have knowledge. One must learn to be able to recognize the genuine from the fake.  Choosing from the "Spiritual Super Market" is very difficult and, therefore, confusing to many who are just now becoming aware that  "There is more to life than the rat race".   Consider these gold words: “There is counterfeit gold because real gold exists.”

At some auspicious time in your life, one begins to question the meaning and purpose of life in a profound and conscious way.  When that question and urgent need for an answer is awakened in you, your search for spiritual guidance begins.

Spiritual guidance and apprenticeship is a path of learning and remembering who you are, what your meaning, purpose and mission in life are.  On the spiritual path, a True Teacher and Guide is the best friend of your true self, the one who helps you to train for and to realize Self-Transformation. You must "seek" sincerely and constantly until you "find" him or her, and begin your conscious awakening with the directed intention to discover the way of return to your true being.

With this natural preparation, you make your self  "ready" by the quality of your thoughts and conscious awareness of your actions to begin to seek and find out that this journey is known as:



From Chaos to Order

From Darkness to Light

From Weakness to Power

From Idea to Manifestation

From Ignorance to Knowledge

From Being Asleep to Becoming Awake

From Sleep Walking to Conscious Awakening

From Falsity and Mediocrity to Authenticity and Excellence

From Casual and Hazardous Living to Conscious and Integrated Living

Following are the natural phases one goes through in order to find a live spiritual guidance from an evolved being or Master Teacher. He or she will guide you toward your Self-Transformation and Enlightenment.  Study these stages, heed your intuitive insights, and follow your heart's direction.

1.    Finding, Recognizing and Choosing your True Teacher

A living Master Teacher and Guide is a rare find, especially in these times of such great misunderstanding and confusion between Knowledge and Information.  With sincere and honest purpose to seek and to find, you become aware of this basic reality: "That which you are searching and looking for is also looking for you."   So, the advice is to increase your awareness, sharpen your sensitivities, so you can recognize the signals, messages, and finally your True Teacher.

This process may take a long time or a short time.  It may take ‘no time’ at all.  It depends on the degree of readiness and willingness, aligned with your heart, feelings and mental attitude.  Focus and become aware of how you instigate this search; read, practice, meet others, go to workshops, speak to family and friends.   Explore and examine your life, your thoughts and actions, in order to make your self ready to recognize your Living Master, Teacher and Guide.

Above all, do not tell anyone you are searching for a Teacher, but FEEL and SENSE this urgent need and live it within you, hermetically sealed and permeating within you.  This attitude will speed up your search and will make you sensitive to recognize and be ready for your Teacher. Recognizing this is your precious treasure and private to your inner life.

Listen to your inner voice and examine your responses when you search for your future Teacher. Do you feel you can trust the words or the way he or she speaks and is?  Do you sense that the Teacher can guide and inspire you to be free and true to your self?  Do you sense the Teacher can be a good example and share that knowledge with you?  Trust your insights and act with certainty.

Approach the Teacher with simplicity and respect.  Participate in the Teacher's activities.  Make your presence felt. Be clear and direct when asking to become his or her student.  Observe the answer. Be ready to be tested and examined in very unexpected ways to find out if you are really honest and sincere in your quest. You will know the embrace of acceptance and friendship extended toward you with loving attention and gentle heart.

2. Candidate – Asking, Being accepted, Initiation or Ceremony

Once this step is done, now is the time to begin studying and exploring the true relationship between Teacher and Student.  Develop an attitude and practice of listening.  Reflect on the true meaning of the words: "Surrender,"  "Discipline",  "Submission".

The student now experiences and examines his tests and trust in the Teacher, reflecting on character, motive and determination to walk forward, overcoming all "seeming difficulties" on many levels between you and your self, and between your Teacher and your self.    

When you become a candidate at the Threshold, you begin to learn about "Active Mirroring" - how all your thoughts and actions are mirrored constantly by your teacher; and how you react or respond to this relating. You can learn to use this "mirroring" as an effective tool for communication between you and your teacher.

Your relationship with your teacher is a very unique relationship of trust and total conscious knowing.  Your conditioning until now can be unlearned. Begin the process now, which is known as "To Learn How to Learn."  When you learn how to learn, all possible doors open wide before you, and you acquire a very powerful means to journey the path safely with a trusted guide.

3. Becoming a Disciple, and Dedicated Student

This phase is very important now, because you are engaged on this path. Your behavior and self-observation are of the utmost importance.

There may be a ceremony or initiation, which marks this stage of the relationship and to express the acceptance of you as a student.   You may have to write a pledge or an agreement expressing your dedicated commitment to learning. This will establish a connection or bond between you and your Teacher.

During the ceremony, you may be given an exercise, an object, a word, a touch, and a glance from your Teacher. Your gratitude or response to the teachings will reflect support of the Teacher. This can be an expression of appreciation, a gift of words to serve him or her. This also can be a financial offering on a regular basis, monthly or even weekly, and at the time of your initiation ceremony.

Remember that regular financial support of your Teacher is not a compensation for the knowledge you receive. This is for the OCCASION to be in the PRESENCE of your TEACHER. And, so the flow from the "river of knowledge" can occur for the "time" your teacher invests within you, both visibly and invisibly during all your unique and creative relationship. By making this energy flow, you will have access to infinite knowledge and wisdom.

Also, this is one of the genuine ways to demonstrate your sincerity, devotion and dedication to being a receptive student. An empty vessel can receive this practical knowledge from the Teacher. In other words, "be like clay, willing to be shaped." Remember, "In order for the container to be filled, it must be emptied first." So, you will need to learn how to "empty your self" for the "drink" to flow in.

This phase is a very precious state in which to produce this unique and benevolent relationship.  Celebrate every moment with your heart full of gratitude and humility.

R E M E M B E R !

"False giving is giving to get.

True giving is not give and take.

True giving is unconditional and does not need thanks."

4. Being an Apprentice ­ - Working, Practicing and Realizing

During this stage, you will develop a personal, closer and even more intimate relationship with your Teacher.  It is important to learn how to receive the teachings and put them into practice according to the Teacher's instructions and exercises.

Listen attentively to the Teacher's discourses, spoken or written words, and follow the practices that can change your life gradually or, sometimes, all at once. This is to your benefit.  You may be given daily spiritual and physical tasks or exercises to do and practice.

You will be guided toward "new" understanding and realizations.  Many subjects may come up as you learn and know how to learn. This will help you advance on your path with your Teacher's guidance, attention and being.           

This period of learning may take "time" and with your patience and practice, you will master these teachings. DO NOT limit your self in "time". You may at some time even be asked to become an assistant to help other disciples and students who are in their first steps of learning and becoming. This can help in mastering the teachings, which can prepare you to go on your own with the blessings of your teacher.

As you begin to feel the benefits of the teachings, you may find it necessary to introduce some of your friends or those whom you think may be ready for these teachings or really need a teacher. You must, however, prepare them in such a way that they appreciate the importance of the opportunity. You may also ask your teacher if he wants to accept the candidacy of your friend and arrange a meeting between them to begin the process of enlarging the "Inner Circle of Knowing," while assisting your Teacher in his or her work.

5. Discovering your Master-Teacher Within

With time, perseverance, and acute self-observation, the student learns to recognize sources of knowledge and wisdom, and begins to use the inner guidance. Using intuition, insight, dreams, special movements, physical signs and others, the student now begins to become aware of the Teacher Within, The Inner Guide.

When one develops a new rapport and special relationship with the self, this allows for a new dimension of accessing the Guide Within, to navigate new territories of knowledge and creative living. This is a turning point discovery and should be celebrated in many ways.

Being aware of this "Invisible Guidance" and how it works makes one aware of a beautiful and comforting presence, which is a great companion in many ways in life.   When one has tapped this unlimited source of creativity, one begins to feel a strong independence to make one self-ready to go on their own way, separating one self from the Teacher who is now a friend and a great mentor, your spiritual address.

6. Graduating and Separating from the Teacher

This is a very interesting and dangerous period also.  It is like a child who has learned how to walk with the help of a parent and must now walk on his or her own. “'The Eagle-to-be practices flying with its wings."  In this phase, you will understand how your living teacher reflects your own inner teacher, maintaining a special relationship, yet separated from his or her immediate vicinity and immediacy.

7. Becoming a Teacher

Now you are really on your own. You begin to attract certain expressions of human needs and respond accordingly, trusting your own inner guidance of which to accept as your student, how you will transmit to them the knowledge you acquired during the long years of your apprenticeship with your true teacher.

You become a sculptor of human shape, an author of new lives, a shaper of destinies. This is a great responsibility to observe and always maintain. You create new paths for those in need, and who "call" on you to assist them with your loving responses. You will help heal and restore life everywhere that there is an urgent need.

There are many dangers here of self-importance and arrogance which, if you are not aware of them, can harm you and others. You will lose all the learning and knowledge you worked so hard for. The right attitude toward teaching is to be constantly aware to avoid material seductions, false hopes and self- delusions. You must now be ever vigilant with utmost honesty in heart and mind to make your way across the waters and navigate with the wisdom of your teacher and your self, assisting the needs of humanity and recognizing the needs and fulfilling them with a gentle heart and unconditional love.

8. Last Few Words

These observations and suggestions are just a hint of the infinite possibilities, because every human being is unique in his or her needs at any given time in life.
These stages of learning and embarking on the path for self-discovery and self-transformation are just suggestions, as I said. You will discover how to recognize and find your guide, a teacher who will be just for you and your needs, one who is at the service of investing in the human spirit with total dedication, creative and unconditional way of living. Your heart will know and you must trust that sign and go toward that which is already looking for you.


I encourage you to walk with awareness, honesty  and self-confidence. Be aware of every step of the way, and above all, enjoy the beautiful and beneficial process. This way will open before you many new dimensions of being, becoming and living creatively with every thought and action.

R E M E M B E R!

There is nowhere to arrive.

Y O U ARE already H E R E.

Y O U contain all the great Intelligence you need.

Y O U ARE the M A P.

YOU ARE the W A Y.

Y O U ARE the T R A V E L E R.


Be well, my friend, and thank you for being here.  If we should happen to meet on the way again, visibly or “invisibly”, may we TURN within each other’s orbits, to share and to do some precious work together.  I am here to serve you in whatever way you need to be fulfilled and soar to your infinite possibilities to be.

Dare to discover new possibilities, to live 100% and realize your infinite potential.  Dare to seek. I am confident you will find.

And finally, remember this way of learning is associated with joy and playfulness, unlike the “popular wisdom,” “no pain, is no gain.” In other words, the false idea that, one must suffer to learn.

I repeat. Please remember this, my friend,

T R U E  L E A R N I N G  I S  A L W A Y S  A S S O C I A T E D

W I T H  P L A Y F U L N E S S  A N D  J O Y.

* Note: Please see the continuation of this article in “The “Presence“ of the “Living Teacher” and The Emanation of Energy“.

©1971-2006 Samuel Avital, Le Centre du Silence, Boulder, Colorado, USA


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