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Hello, shalom and Good day!

You are invited to participate in Online Private Consultations (OPC) with Samuel Ben-Or Avital for the FIRST time LIVE EVER!

We are hopeful to add some bright sparks to our human existence here, while passing through the darkness of “limited being” here on this planet, to re-discover the true and natural state of being which has been hidden from us by the physical state of this world.

These new “Online Private Consultations”- (Gathering of the Sparks) are now available for those who are tuned and ready to study the relationships between the visible and invisible, for those who want to search beyond the here and now, and for those who are ready to discover that which is not even here yet.

These Private Consultations will assist to transform one’s being by peeling away and changing the Klipot (the husks and layers which tend to cling to us) into the Kedusha, (that which is holy and sacred – the essence of our being) through guided study.

In working with Samuel privately, if you are ready and willing to change your way of thinking and being, he will assist you on a journey towards perfecting your being. How, you ask? Through an individualized creative approach which will resonate with your inner being.

DARE to BEGIN LIVING each MOMENT by awakening to the beautiful state of your inner being. Come learn with a Master Kabbalist the inner meanings of the Hebrew letters and their inner spiritual powers. Kabbalah is a practical system based on these 22 sacred letters which hide in their numbers and forms, invisible cosmic powers and various manifestations of the Universal Laws. Through true exploration and conscious study you will rediscover how to create harmonious relationships in life with friends and neighbors through the study of the Hebrew Letters.

The Hebrew Letters weave an exquisite tapestry through relationships of dots, lines, letters, words which form into the chapters, volumes and Books of Life. Only through this process can one tap that Sacred Knowledge which is of utmost importance for the concerned being on the path of self-illumination. I am confident that you will find this type of study assisting you in a deeper understanding of one’s self, and how to relate to this physical world in which we live now.

These special Online Private Consultations are individually designed to meet the needs of every participant once they are accepted as a student for study. In order to be prepared for this special work, you will need to take time to read carefully the contents of this website.  Once you have completed this step and have informed your self to some degree about this work, you may then proceed to contact Samuel for acceptance as a student for study.

When you feel the inner resonance within your being naturally ready for this type of learning and work, email Samuel at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or by regular mail at: Samuel Ben-Or Avital. PO Box 1015 (OPC) Boulder, CO 80306-1015

If by regular mail, please put into writing information about your self, aspirations and your intentions in order to receive a special invitation and more practical details, of how to begin this great and beautiful journey towards a renewal of the self, new ways of thinking and being, and for a certain healthy way to study and apply practical wisdom to every day life.

For those of you who live in the Denver-Boulder area, we invite you to connect by phone or live for this unconventional way of learning.

If you want to recommend someone worthy for this unique study, you can share this page with them.

From Gathering the Sparks Center:

פִּתְחִי לִי פִּתְחָא כְּחִידוּדָא דְּמַחֲטָא, וַאֲנָא

אַפְתַח לָךְ תַּרְעִין עִלָּאִין.

זוהר פרשת אמור פירוש הסולם סעיף קכ"ט

Open me an eye of the needle and I will open up to you the supreme gates.”

Zohar Emor-Hasoulam 129


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Kabbalah is both a concealed and revealed vast body of knowledge, a practical science of wisdom that one can learn easily, intuitively and logically, and available today to those who are honestly ready and seeking the authentic knowledge in "this world and beyond."